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Why is my bot not placing orders?

Fetch your bot status by running status or [Ctrl + S]:

  • Are there any warnings that may prevent the bot from starting?
  • Is your order_amount parameter larger than the exchange minimum order size requirement?
  • If the user doesn't have enough balance to meet the set order amount, the bot will still try to create an order with a smaller order amount size provided that it still meets the exchange minimum requirement.
  • Is your inventory_skew_enabled parameter enabled? Since this parameter adjusts order sizes, one side may be too low or too high.

AMM Arbitrage strategy is not working

Some few important things to check:

  • Assets in both base and quote
  • Make sure gateway is running
  • Some ETH for gas
  • Installed Hummingbot-gateway and configured it to mainnet/testnet depending on where you are using it.
  • Connected Ethereum wallet and put in the right ethereum node corresponding to what you have put in installing your gateway.

Why is my bot not creating orders on Perpetual Market-Making?

Check if you have an open position on Binance, it'll stop creating a new set of orders until your current position is closed. To learn more about perpetual market-making, click here.

I have my own strategy. Can I make the bot execute it?

Hummingbot is an open-source application that you can create your custom scripts and build strategy. Guidelines has been created so our community can have their way to improve or add features.

You can check our Discord and check our Dev-Strategies, where you can share your ideas about your strategy. This link would also help you more in Developing Strategies.

We're planning to make strategy creation a lot easier this year - likely Q2/Q3

Orders are not refreshing according to order refresh time

Make sure to set your order_refresh_tolerance_pct to -1 if you are not using the parameter.

When using the parameter order_refresh_tolerance, orders do not refresh according to order refresh time if it doesn't exceed the percentage (%) threshold you set under order_refresh_tolerance_pct.

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