Beware of scammers imitating core team and community members. We will NEVER solicit funds from our users, and we will NEVER ask anyone for any sensitive information, e.g., passwords, private keys, etc.

Ways to get support


Our official Discord server is the primary gathering spot for announcements, user support, trading strategies, connectors, and other discussion about Hummingbot.

When you sign up for our Discord, please check that the link you are accessing is:

We will never initiate direct messages to our users. If a random user imitating the core team or any of the community members sends you a DM don't hesitate to report it in our official Discord channel.


Currently, our Discord server and WeChat (Chinese) are the only officially-supported online Hummingbot community. We do not maintain any other communities on Telegram, Slack, or other applications. Please beware that any such communities (except for the official Hummingbot Discord and WeChat) may be scams.


For bugs not yet listed in GitHub, please submit a Bug Report.

Follow the template and include detailed descriptions of the bug, steps to reproduction, supporting artifacts such as screenshots, logs, configuration settings, and suggested fixes, if any.

We pledge that we will not use your information for trading purposes or share your personal information with third parties.


For support requests via email, you can send us a message at