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Binance Perpetual Market Making - Beta

Learn how to use Binance Perpetual market making strategy

Binance Perpetual market making (USDT-M) is released as beta version(0.33), trade it at your own risk. Binance Perpetual is different from futures contract, please see differences

How it Works

Similar to pure market making strategy, Hummingbot continually posts limit bid and ask offers on a market and waits for other market participants ("takers") to fill their orders.

Contract Specifications of Binance Perpertuals

How to start

We aim to teach new users the basics of Binance Perpetual market making, while enabling experienced users to exercise more control over how their bots behave. By default, when you run create we ask you to enter the basic parameters needed for a Binance Perpetual bot.

Note: Paper trading is supported, enter binance_perpetual_testnet when prompted for derivative name.

  1. In Hummingbot, enter create.
  2. Enter binance_perpetual_testnet or binance_perpetual.
  3. Enter the trading pair, for example BTC-USDT.
  4. Follow on-screen prompts and info for Binance Perpetual parameters.
  5. Enter start to run the strategy.

For details on each Binance Perpetual parameters, see the following sections for details. These parameters are fields in Hummingbot configuration files (located in the /conf folder, e.g. conf/perpetual_market_making_[#].yml).


Enter the leverage you would like to use.

Note: Initial margin deposits are calculated using the leverage as entered by the trader, see Leverage and Margin for details.


How much leverage do you want to use? (Binance Perpetual supports up to 75X for most pairs))>>>


This is the hedging mode where two positions, long and short is open at the same time. See Hedge for details.

Note: if position mode on the exchange is different on what is set under the bot, an error will occur and need to change the position mode manually on Binance. Example, if the current position on Binance is Hedge mode and you create a new strategy on Hummingbot with One-way position, an error will occured.


Do you want to use hedge mode? (If disabled, one-way position mode would be used.)


Note: This parameter is currently disabled as of 0.33

Callback rate determines the amount a trailing stop price will trail the price. The callback rate range is available from 0.1% to 5%. For more details, see Callback Rate.


Trailing Stop Callback Rate - Min0.1, Max 5? (Enter 1 to indicate 1%)


Note: This parameter is currently disabled as of 0.33

Traders can fill in the price level that triggers the trailing stop. If no activation price is being filled, the activation price will be the market price by default (either “Last Price” or “Mark Price” subject to the choice of trigger types). . For more details, see Activation Spread.


How far away from the position entry price do you want to set the activation price for position exit trailing stop order? (Enter 1 to indicate 1%)>>>


The order amount for the bid order of the base asset for the trading pair.


What is the amount of [trading pair] per order?
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