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Running Bots in the Cloud


Read our blog about running Hummingbot on different cloud providers.

Running bots in the background

Prevent cloud instance from going to sleep

To run an instance in the background on the cloud, run either of the following commands: screen or screen -S $NAME. Use the latter to be more explicit if you want to run multiple bots.

Then start the bot like normal. To exit the screen, press Ctrl-A-D.

To log back into the screen, either use screen or screen -r $NAME to open a specific instance of your screen. To list all running instances, use screen -ls.

We recommend that users download separate docker images for each client that they wish to run.

Credits to discord user @matha for this question and @pfj for the solution.

Access your cloud instance from your phone

Use Hummingbot's Telegram integration to connect to your cloud instance without a computer.