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Each weekly epoch runs begins and ends at Tuesday 12am UTC. Rewards are distributed to each participant's registered Ethereum address 3 calendar days after the end of each epoch.

Payouts provides a summary of all the payments including the breakdown of each liquidity rewards, and allows user to check the etherscan transcation.

Minimum reward payout amount for Ethereum-based payments

Due to the surge in Ethereum gas price, Hummingbot is imposing a $50.00 USD minimum on the weekly payout for payments on the Ethereum blockchain (currently USDT and RLC). Reward payments on non-Ethereum blockchains (e.g. NEM, Algorand, and Tron) are not subject to this minimum payout amount.

For campaigns paying out USDT rewards (with the exception of the Algorand campaign that is specifically paying out USDT ASA on the Algorand blockchain), you can choose to  receive the USDT payments on the Tron blockchain to avoid this minimum payment amount.

For miners who earn less than 50.00 USD within one week, their rewards will be accrued and rolled over to the next period and displayed under Accrued Balance table.

The following screenshot displays the payouts summary.

Checking payment summary and Etherscan

  1. Select and click on a weekly payout row. The weekly payout pop-up box is displayed with the individual market pair payout and etherscan tx address.
  2. Select and click the market pair row. The corresponding tx is opened in a new page.
Hummingbot will need some information from U.S. persons engaged in liquidity mining from the U.S. whose cumulative payments exceed $600 in a calendar year.
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