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Windows installation

The Hummingbot code base is designed and optimized for UNIX-based systems such as macOS and Linux. We recommend that Windows users either:

  • Install the Docker version: note that this uses Docker Toolbox which may require Windows Pro
  • Install from source using Windows Subsystem for Linux or VirtualBox.

Installing Hummingbot on Windows Subsystems for Linux

Below, we summarize instructions for installing Hummingbot from source on Windows 10, using Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Users may use VirtualBox rather than WSL.

1. Install Ubuntu in Windows Subsystem for Linux

Follow these instructions for installing Windows Subsystem for Linux, and then Ubuntu.

2. Get the build-essential package

Bash for Windows

Start the Bash app and install the build-essential package which contains gcc and make, utility libraries used by Hummingbot's installation script:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install build-essential

2. Download and run the Anaconda for Linux installer

To manage Python and Python library dependencies, Hummingbot uses Anaconda, an open source environment and package manager that is the current industry standard for data scientists and data engineers.

From Bash, download the Anaconda for Linux installer:


Run the installer:


3. Install and compile Hummingbot

Afterwards, installation should be identical to installing from source on macOS or Linux.

Follow the Install from source guide starting on step 2.