Launch Hummingbot Miner

Update/Revert Hummingbot

How to update/revert Hummingbot

Update via Binary

Simply uninstall Hummingbot locally from your computer, then download and install the latest version from the website https://hummingbot.io/download/

Update via Docker

Hummingbot is regularly updated each month (see Release Notes) and recommend users to regularly update their installations to get the latest version of the software.

Updating to the latest docker image (e.g. coinalpha/hummingbot:latest) make sure to stop all the containers that are using the same image first before running the ./update.sh script.


# 1) Remove old script
rm -rf update.sh

# 2) Download update script
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/CoinAlpha/hummingbot/development/installation/docker-commands/update.sh

# 3) Enable script permissions
chmod a+x update.sh

# 4) Run script to update hummingbot


# 1) Delete instance
docker rm hummingbot-instance

# 2) Delete old hummingbot image
docker image rm coinalpha/hummingbot:latest

# 3) Re-create instance with latest hummingbot release
docker run -it \
--network host \
--name hummingbot-instance \
--mount "type=bind,source=$(pwd)/hummingbot_files/hummingbot_conf,destination=/conf/" \
--mount "type=bind,source=$(pwd)/hummingbot_files/hummingbot_logs,destination=/logs/" \
--mount "type=bind,source=$(pwd)/hummingbot_files/hummingbot_data,destination=/data/" \

Update from Source

Download the latest code from GitHub:

# From the hummingbot root folder:
git pull origin master

# Recompile the code:
conda deactivate
conda activate hummingbot

Alternatively, use our automated script:

# 1) Download update script to the *root* folder
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/CoinAlpha/hummingbot/development/installation/install-from-source/update.sh

# 2) Enable script permissions
chmod a+x update.sh

# 3) Run script to update hummingbot

Revert to a previous version via Docker

A previous version can be installed when creating a Hummingbot instance.

# 1) Run the script to create a hummingbot instance

# 2) Specify the version to be installed when prompted

** ✏️  Creating a new Hummingbot instance **

ℹ️  Press [enter] for default values.

➡️  Enter Hummingbot version: [latest|development] (default = "latest")
  • Windows/Mac/Linux: For example, enter version-0.16.0. The versions are listed here in Hummingbot Tags.
  • Raspberry Pi: For example, enter dev-0.30.0-arm_beta. The versions are listed here in Hummingbot Tags.

Revert to a previous version via Binary

The user can revert and update Hummingbot installed via Binary by following the steps below:

To install a previous Hummingbot version via binary, download the installer from https://hummingbot.io/download/ in the previous client section

Users can also download an older version not listed in the website using the URL format https://dist.hummingbot.io/[hummingbot_version]

For example:

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