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Getting support and help

There are various ways that you can get help with hummingbot and contribute to our community.


Our official Discord server is the primary gathering spot for announcements, user support, and general discussions and Hummingbot, trading strategies, and connectors.

When you sign up for our Discord, please check that the link you are accessing is


Currently, our Discord server is the only officially-supported online Hummingbot community. We do not maintain any other communities on Telegram, WeChat, Slack, or other applications. Please beware that any such communities (except for the official hummingbot Discord) may be scams.


You can submit issues for bugs and/or feature requests in our Github repo.

Bug bounty program

We run a bug bounty program that rewards users who report bugs that we fix.

Known issues

We maintain a list of currently known issues, along with their resolution status/


We help maintain a regular meetup for people interested in quantitative crypto trading. Meetups physically occur in the Bay Area, but they are also livestreamed for virtual attendees.

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