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TWAP Strategy

Starting from version 0.41, we took out the existing TWAP strategy from the development branch into production. Please be advised of the  outstanding bugs which will be fixed in future releases.

Creating The Strategy

  1. Make sure to connect to an exchange supported by the TWAP strategy
  2. Run the create command and enter twap when prompted for the strategy you want to use
  3. Enter the configuration of how you want the bot to behave by answering each prompt
  4. To review your settings, run the config command
  5. The strategy configuration file is saved in logs/ or hummingbot_logs folder depending on how you installed Hummingbot
If you already have an existing strategy config file created previously, follow the instructions on how to  import an existing strategy file.

How It Works

This strategy allows users to continuously create either buy or sell limit orders at a specified price at every time interval. To be more specific, the strategy performs the following:

  1. It goes through preliminary checks on every cycle if it can break down the target amount into the number of desired orders and if there is enough balance
  2. The target_asset_amount is the total amount of trades you want the strategy to execute. This target is broken down into smaller orders based on order_step_size value
  3. Creates a one-sided limit order (buy or sell) based on trade_side at the specified order_price
  4. Waits for order_delay_time value in seconds before creating another limit order (interval between orders)
  5. Cancels any active order which has been outstanding more than the cancel_order_wait_time value in seconds
  6. You can specify the duration how long the strategy should run by enabling is_time_span_execution, then set the start_datetime and end_datetime parameters
  7. If the order step size is bigger than the pending amount or if the pending amount reaches 0, the strategy will stop creating additional orders

Sample Demo

This demo is for instructional and educational purposes only. Any parameters used are purely for demo purposes only. We are not giving any legal, tax, financial, or investment advice. Every user is responsible for their use and configuration of Hummingbot.

Basic Parameters

Hummingbot prompts to enter the values for these parameters when creating the strategy.

connectorThe exchange where you want to trade
trading_pairToken trading pair for the exchange e.g. BTC-USDT
trade_sideChoose between creating buy or sell orders
target_asset_amountTotal target amount to be traded
order_step_sizeSize of each limit order to be created
order_priceSpecifies the price of each limit order
is_time_span_executionEnables or disables the feature to run the strategy on a fixed time span
start_datetimeDate and time to start the strategy
end_datetimeDate and time to stop the strategy
order_delay_timeThe time interval (in seconds) in between orders
cancel_order_wait_timeHow long you want to wait before canceling any unfilled order


  • If the strategy is not creating orders even with enough balance, your order may be below the exchange’s minimum trade size. Adjust the order_step_size and/or order_price accordingly
  • If the start date/time and end date/time is not working, make sure that is_time_span_execution is enabled by setting it to True
  • When is_time_span_execution is enabled, make sure start_datetime and end_datetime is configured. Otherwise, the strategy will not start
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