Simple Trade

How it Works

In the Simple Trade strategy, Hummingbot executes orders after a certain time delay, as specified by the user. For limit orders, the strategy also provides the user with the additional option to cancel them after a certain time period.


The strategy is only supposed to provide the user with a basic template for developing custom strategies. Please set variables responsibly.

Prerequisites: Inventory

  1. You will need to hold inventory of currencies on the exchange on which you are trading.
  2. You will also need some Ethereum to pay gas for transactions on a DEX (if applicable).

Configuration Walkthrough

The following walks through all the steps when running config for the first time.

Tip: Autocomplete Inputs during Configuration

When going through the command line config process, pressing <TAB> at a prompt will display valid available inputs.

Prompt Description
What is your market making strategy >>>: Enter simple_trade.

Currently available options: arbitrage or cross_exchange_market_making or pure_market_making or discovery or simple_trade (case sensitive)
Import previous configs or create a new config file? (import/create) >>>: When running the bot for the first time, enter create.
If you have previously initialized, enter import, which will then ask you to specify the config file location.
Enter the name of the exchange >>>: The exchange where the bot will place the orders.

Currently available options: binance, radar_relay, coinbase_pro, ddex, idex, bamboo_relay, or huobi (case sensitive)
Enter the token symbol you would like to trade on [market] >>>: Enter the token symbol for the exchange.
Example input: ETH-USD
Note: options available are based on each exchange's methodology for labeling currency pairs. Ensure that the pair is a valid pair for the selected exchange.
Enter type of order (limit/market) default is market >>> " >>>: limit or market
Specify if you would like to place a limit order or market order. See additional configuration for limit orders
What is your preferred quantity per order (denominated in the base asset, default is 1)? >>>: This sets order_amount (see definition).
Enter True for Buy order and False for Sell order (default is Buy Order) >>>: This sets is_buy (see definition).
How much do you want to wait to place the order (Enter 10 to indicate 10 seconds. Default is 0)? >>>: This sets time_delay (see definition).
Enter your Binance API key >>>:

Enter your Binance API secret >>>:
You must create a Binance API key key with trading enabled ("Enable Trading" selected).
Tip: You can use Ctrl + R or ⌘ + V to paste from the clipboard.
Would you like to import an existing wallet or create a new wallet? (import / create) >>>: Import or create an Ethereum wallet which will be used for trading on DDEX.

Enter a valid input:
  1. import: imports a wallet from an input private key.
    • If you select import, you will then be asked to enter your private key as well as a password to lock/unlock that wallet for use with Hummingbot
    • Your wallet private key >>>
    • A password to protect your wallet key >>>
  2. create: creates a new wallet with new private key.
    • If you select create, you will only be asked for a password to protect your newly created wallet
    • A password to protect your wallet key >>>

Tip: using a wallet that is available in your Metamask (i.e. importing a wallet from Metamask) allows you to view orders created and trades filled by Hummingbot on the decentralized exchange's website.
Which Ethereum node would you like your client to connect to? >>>: Enter an Ethereum node URL for Hummingbot to use when it trades on Ethereum-based decentralized exchanges.

For more information, see: Setting up your Ethereum node](/installation/node/node).
Tip: if you are using an Infura endpoint, ensure that you append https:// before the URL.
Would you like to enable the kill switch? (y/n) >>> Automatically stops the bot when it reaches a certain performance threshold, which can be either positive or negative.
At what profit/loss rate would you like the bot to stop? (e.g. -0.05 equals 5 percent loss) >>> The rate of performance at which you want the bot to stop trading.

Limit Order Configuration

Limit orders allow you to specify the price at which you want to place the order and specify how long to wait before cancelling the order.

Prompt Description
What is the price of the limit order ? >>> This sets order_price (see definition)
How long do you want to wait before cancelling your limit order (in seconds). (Default is 60 seconds) ? >>>: This sets the cancel_order_wait_time (see definition).

Configuration parameters

The following parameters are fields in Hummingbot configuration files (located in the /conf folder, e.g. conf/conf_simple_trade_strategy_[#].yml).

Term Definition
Specify whether its a limit or Market order.
Limit orders allow you to specify price in addition to the order amount & are placed on the orderbook. Market orders are executed immediately against existing limit orders in the orderbook.
The amount for the limit or market order.
Ensure you have enough quote (or) base tokens to place the orders. The strategy will not place orders if you do not have sufficient balance for the order.
The price for the limit order.
Specify the price at which are you are willing to buy/sell the tokens
cancel_order_wait_time An amount in seconds, which is the duration for the placed limit orders. Default value: 60 seconds. For limit orders, the orders (if still open) are cancelled after this time.
time_delay An amount in seconds, after which orders are executed from the start of the strategy. Default value: 0 seconds. Orders are placed immediately after strategy is initialized by default.
is_buy Specify as a buy or sell order (True: Buy order. False: Sell Order)