Hanging Orders

This feature keeps orders "hanging" (or not cancelled and remaining on the order book) if a matching order has been filled on the other side of the order book.

How It Works

Typically, orders are placed as pairs in single order mode (1 buy and 1 sell order). The parameter hanging_orders_enabled allows Hummingbot to leave the order on the other side hanging (not cancelled) whenever one side is filled.

The hanging order will be cancelled in the following conditions:

  1. The spread goes above the specified hanging_orders_cancel_pct value
  2. Sending stop or exit command

Sample Configurations

Let's see how this configuration works in the scenario below:

- filled_order_delay: 60.0
- hanging_orders_enabled: True
- hanging_orders_cancel_pct: 2

When the buy order ...1497 was completely filled, it will not cancel the sell order ...1840. After 60 seconds, Hummingbot will create a new set of buy and sell orders. The status output will show all active orders while indicating which orders are hanging.

The hanging order will stay outstanding and will be cancelled if its spread goes above 2% as specified in our hanging_orders_cancel_pct.

Relevant Parameters

Parameter Prompt Definition
hanging_orders_enabled Do you want to enable hanging orders? (Yes/No) When enabled, the orders on the side opposite to the filled orders remains active.
hanging_orders_cancel_pct At what spread percentage (from mid price) will hanging orders be canceled? Cancels the hanging orders when their spread goes above this value.