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Version 0.5.0

πŸš€Welcome to hummingbot version 0.5.0! In this release, we focused on fixing bugs, building transaction costs into exchange connectors, and adding more documentation. Below are the most significant updates:

πŸ’Έ Arbitrage strategy now incorporates exchange-specific transaction costs

As requested by many users, we have codified exchange-specific transaction costs such as trading fees and gas costs (for decentralized exchanges) into each exchange connector.

This allowed us to incorporate fee/gas logic into the arbitrage strategy so that users can set a min_profitability parameter that is net of exchange transaction costs. Please note that we will be testing this feature heavily this sprint and that issues may arise due to this change.

We plan to add this to the cross-exchange market making strategy in the next release.

πŸ’» Improved CLI commands

We added and improved a number of the commands in the Hummingbot command-line interface:

status command

  • status: we revamped the output of the status command to be more consistent across strategies and to provide more granular information
  • list configs: this command now lists the value for each configuration parameter
  • config [parameter name]: this command, which allows users to change bot parameters without exiting Hummingbot, now supports tab auto-complete, which makes changing parameters much easier
  • export_private_key: this new command allows you to export a wallet created/imported in Hummingbot to other applications

πŸ“ New docs for strategies, debug console, known issues, etc

New documentation in this release includes:

  • Strategies: diagrams and explanations of Hummingbot's strategies
  • Debug console: how to use the debug console to inspect your bot in real-time
  • Known issues: list of currently outstanding issues and their resolution status
  • Windows installation: how to install Hummingbot on Windows
  • Exchange rates: how to use the exchange rates utility class to resolve price differences between stablecoins
  • Wallet import/export: how to import and export Ethereum wallets

🐞 Bug fixes and miscellaneous updates

We fixed several bugs in this release. Thanks to πŸ™ all the bug reporters who took part in our bug bounty program!

  • Fixed a bug in which Coinbase Pro orders were failing due to overly high precision in the order amount field (bug bounty recipient)
  • Fixed a bug in which the bug prints excessive Maker order size must be greater than 0 log messages (bug bounty recipient)
  • Resolved an issue that prevented installation in Virtual Box for Windows due to file permissions (bug bounty recipient)
  • Resolved an issue in which running Hummingbot using Infura nodes causes intermittent Error fetching logs from the block with filters log messages
  • Fixed a bug that causes duplicate orders in DDEX in certain cases
  • Fixed a bug in which Radar Relay orders could be incorrectly sorted, causing unexpected bot behavior
  • Fixed a bug in which the log file was not being generated after installing from the source
  • Fixed a bug in which Hummingbot incorrectly warned users of arbitrage bots that their wallet/exchanges balances were 0
  • Fixed a bug in which a temporary lack of order book volume triggers Volume beyond order book depth errors
  • Hummingbot no longer prompts users for their Ethereum wallet even when only trading on centralized exchanges
  • Removed legacy config not found warnings when starting Hummingbot
  • Hummingbot now logs the expected hedge price when it creates and adjusts orders when running the cross-exchange market making strategy
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