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Version 0.21.0

πŸš€ Welcome to hummingbot version 0.21.0! In this release, we mainly addressed several bugs.

πŸ€“ Developer usability

We officially announce the TWAP custom strategy, a common algorithmic execution strategy used for splitting up large orders over time. Read more through the documentation about this strategy in Developer Manual.

🐞 Other bug fixes and miscellaneous updates

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs! Note that we pay bug bounties to anyone who reports a bug that we end up fixing.

  • Fixed bug triggering kill switch due to inventory changes outside of trades: #1145

  • Fixed default value not working for some parameters with pure market-making strategy: #1085

  • Fixed running into sqlite3.IntegrityError when orders are filled in Coinbase Pro: #1138, #1142

  • Fixed memory leak issue caused by hanging orders in pure market making strategy: #1167

  • Fixed Too aggressive API calls with hanging orders enabled: #1246

  • Fixed Liquid connector not working due to missing pair ETH-USDC: #1234, #1231

  • Fixed available balances not being calculated correctly in Bamboo Relay: #1238

  • Improvements to config encryption feature

  • Minor changes to Bittrex market testing to address some failing unit tests

  • Better error handling for detecting wallet is β€˜None’ / market not initialized

πŸš€ Coming soon

Here's what we are currently working on that we expect to ship in the next 2-8 weeks:

  • Developer tutorial on building custom strategies
  • External price source for pure market-making strategy #1249
  • KuCoin connector
  • Bitfinex connector
  • HitBTC connector
  • gate.io connector
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