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Performance History

The screenshots shown in this document are based on testing and for illustrative purposes only.

History Command

The history command displays the current duration of total past trades, asset inventory and value, and market trading pair performance. Run history --verbose to see all recent trades.

Trades are saved locally in a .csv file located in the data folder which you can view by running history --verbose --days command even after you restart Hummingbot.

Optional argument --precision specifies the number of decimal values.

This block below shows the calculation for some of the values displayed in the history output.

Avg price = total trade volume of quote / total trade volume of base asset
Hold portfolio value = (base start asset * current market price) + quote start asset
Current portfolio value = (base current asset * current market price) + quote current asset
Trade P&L = current portfolio value - hold portfolio value
Total P&L = trade P&L + fees paid
Return % = total P&L / hold portfolio value
The Return % in the navbar at the bottom of Hummingbot client may be different from the history command output. This is because the Return % in history takes the price changes into calculation while the navbar in the bottom UI does not.

Profit & Loss

The pnl command shows consolidated performance for all running bots in the same Binance account. This command can be useful when participating in Liquidity Mining campaigns.

Optional ArgumentDescription
--daysHow many days in the past (can be decimal value)
--marketThe market you want to see pnl
--open_order_marketsSee pnl from current open order markets

Adding trading pairs

If your desired Binance trading pair(s) does not show in the output, you can add them in two ways:

  1. Edit binance_markets list in conf_global.yml located in the conf folder
  2. Run config binance_markets from the Hummingbot terminal
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