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Pause and Resume Strategy

This feature allows users to pause a running strategy using the command exit --suspend. This allows the bot to stop while keeping the hanging orders in the order book. To resume, run the command start --restore.

Currently, this feature only works with pure market making strategy.


The exit --suspend command will "pause" the strategy and exit the hummingbot client. All active orders will become hanging orders while hanging orders will stay hanging when resumed at a later time.

This could be an advantage if you don’t want to cancel orders but want to exit the bot.



To resume a "paused" strategy, import the config file and run the command start --restore. It will create new sets of active orders on top of the hanging orders from when it was paused.


After running start --restore spreads may change once the bot brings back your orders, it will display what the current spreads of your order.

You can see that when we use exit --suspend it exits the bot. When you run start --restore all active orders became hanging orders. Refer to the example below.

Important Notes

Always use start --restore when resuming a paused strategy. Accidentally running the start command after importing the config file will cancel all of its dangling orders and start the strategy from a fresh state. See example below,

These are the orders before we run exit --suspend

   Level  Type  Price Spread Amount (Orig)  Amount (Adj)       Age
       2  sell 0.3401  0.59%          46.0            46  00:00:03
       1  sell 0.3398  0.50%          45.0            45  00:00:03

You will notice that when we use start it will show on the logs that orders are cancelled.

Running start --restore on a different configuration file wont work, You should always use the same config file where the exit --suspend is executed.
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