Launch Hummingbot Miner


Hummingbot uses a command-line interface (CLI) that helps users configure and run the bot, as well as generate logs of the trades performed.

Start hummingbot quickly and efficiently with these references:

Hummingbot Commands

Below are the available commands in the current Hummingbot release.

connectList available exchanges and add API keys to them
createCreate a new bot
importImport an existing bot by loading the configuration file
helpList available commands
balanceDisplay your asset balances across all connected exchanges
configDisplay the current bot's configuration
startStart the current bot
stopStop the current bot
open_ordersShow all active open orders
tradesShow trades
pnlShow profit and losses
statusGet the market status of the current bot
historySee the past performance of the current bot
generate_certsCreate SSL certifications for Gateway communication.
exitExit and cancel all outstanding orders
paper_tradeToggle paper trading mode
exportExport your bot's trades or private keys
order_bookDisplays the top 5 bid/ask prices and volume
tickerShow market ticker of current order book
autofill_importChoose between start and config when importing a strategy

Docker Commands

These are the commonly used docker commands when using Hummingbot.

docker ps -aList containers
docker rm [container name]Remove one or more containers
`docker rmi [image name]Remove one or more images
docker rm $(docker ps -a q)Remove all containers

To view more docker commands, go to Docker Command Line Reference.

Linux Commands

These are the basic commands used to navigate Linux commonly used with Hummingbot.

lsLists all files and folders in the current directory
cdChange directory / move to another folder location
mvMoves or renames a file or directory
cpTo copy files or group of files or directory
rmRemove / delete files and folders
topDetails on all active processes
htopMonitor the system processes in real time

For more information about basic Linux commands, check out The Linux command line for beginners.

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