Keyboard Shortcuts

Hummingbot keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard Combo Command Description
CTRL + C + C Exit Press CTRL + C twice to exit the bot.
CTRL + S Status Show bot status.
CTRL + F Search Toggles search in log pane (see below for usage)
CTRL + A Select All Select all text in the input pane only.
CTRL + Z Undo Undo action in the input pane only.
CTRL + X Exit Config Exit from the current configuration question.

Tip: How to use the Search feature

  1. Press CTRL + F to trigger display the search field
  2. Enter your search keyword (not case sensitive)
  3. Hit Enter to jump to the next matching keyword (incremental search)
  4. When you are done. Press CTRL + F again to go back to reset.

Copy and Paste


Keyboard Combo Command
CTRL + C Copy

To highlight, hold SHIFT + LMB and drag across the text you want to select.


Keyboard Combo Command
⌘ + C Copy
⌘ + V Paste

Allow Mouse Reporting

To select text on macOS, you may need to enable the Allow Mouse Reporting option by pressing ⌘ + R or selecting View > Allow Mouse Reporting in the menu bar.

Then you should be able to select text by holding LMB and drag. You can also hold down ⌥ + shift to select specific lines like the image below.

When accessing Hummingbot on a Linux cloud server through ssh using a macOS terminal, hold down the Option ⌥ key or ⌥ + ⌘ to highlight text.


Keyboard Combo Command
CTRL + SHIFT + V Paste

To use this shortcut, check this box by doing a right click on the title bar at the top of the Hummingbot window then select Properties.