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Based on your miner rewards, you are now able to vote for community-developed exchange connectors to be included into the core Hummingbot code base in the next release. For more information, see our blog for the latest governance proposal.

Voting Methodology

  • Votes per miner: the total votes each miner has is based on the total amount of mining rewards they have earned in the most recent weekly reward period. For example, a miner who earned 100USD in the rewards period will have 100 votes.
  • Reward amounts will be rounded up to the nearest whole vote: a miner who earned $0.01 of rewards is still entitled to 1 full vote, while a miner who earned $1.01 will have 2 votes, and so on. This allows for any miner who has earned any amount of rewards to have a minimum of 1 vote.

The following screenshot displays the Hummingbot governance proposal.

Voting for community-developed exchange connectors

  1. Click Vote.

  2. Allocate your votes and click Submit Vote. A confirmation pop-up is displayed.

  3. Click Submit vote to confirm the vote(s).

You cannot resubmit your votes, any remaining votes that were not used will not be roll over to the next governance proposal.
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