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  1. Status indicator of miner app. Clicking this will redirect you to Hummingbot Miner Status to view more information especially if there is an ongoing outage or maintenance.

  2. Shows the total reward pool for in the current period.

  3. The number of market making bots currently running and the total volume of open orders that are currently maintained by active bots. Here you can see how much liquidity the participating bots are providing.

  4. Shows the total traded volume for all the markets for 24 hours.

  5. Total reward paid in a year/day, divided by current volume of liquidity provided by active bots, multiplied by 365.25

How yield is calculated

First, divide the weekly reward into 7 days. Then divide the daily reward amount by the current total volume of eligible open orders (current liquidity) in liquidity mining.

In other words, yield is how much rewards are distributed to miners based on the total liquidity. To get the annual yield, simply multiple the daily yield to a year (365.25 days).

The Yield/Day is solely based on liquidity rewards and does not take into account trades executed.
The published Yield/Day metrics only include reward payments versus order volumes. They _do not_ capture the individual miner's profit or loss on the underlying strategy or any transaction fees (if any) that generated the orders created. As a result, _liquidity mining yields are not an indication of a miner's overall portfolio return_; miners should take into consideration overall economics, and not just mining return, when deciding on participating in liquidity mining campaigns.

Checking campaign details and rewards per snapshot

  1. Click Markets
  2. Scroll down to Available Markets section.
  3. Select and click on the desired market pair. The campaign details are displayed.
  4. Scroll down to the Snapshots section.
  5. Select a timestamp row. The snapshot is displayed.

You can see here the different sections of the snapshots for a certain market.

  1. Time stamp is when the miner app takes snapshots of the rewards.
  2. The number of bots participating in the campaign of that certain token pair.
  3. Current spread is bid/ask price for all the miners. It determines whether the market is in an upward or downward trend.
  4. Reward per day is the weekly reward/7 days to calculate how much rewards are given out to miners for each day of the week for that campaign.
  5. Indicated here is how much the bots are providing liquidity for a market at the time of a snapshot.
  6. Yield/day is how much rewards are distributed to miners based on the total liquidity.
The column JUST ME displays the statistics only when your miner is running and statisfy the campaign requirements.
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