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In the top part of the dashboard allows you to see your earnings for the current reward period, the previous week and how much you earned since you started liquidity mining.

Earned this week is how much liquidity mining rewards you have earned during this current week. Each weekly period starts every Tuesday 12:00am UTC. The time remaining shows how much time you have before the current period ends.

Earned last week is how much you earned last week, paid 3 days after the end of the previous week. The payouts are every Friday 12:00am UTC.


In this tab you can see how much you earned for each of the last 15 snapshots. You can also track how much you are earning for the last 1H, 24H and 7D.

Currently, there is a 30-minute lag or delay with the snapshots which the team are working to reduce.

Hovering your mouse on the dots in the graph will show the reward and the snapshot time.

You can also click on a specific snapshot to view more information on how much you earned for each market which is useful especially if you’re participating in multiple pairs. Clicking on a specific pair takes you to the snapshot view with more detail on where you stand against other miners.

Order Tracking

In this feature, as soon as a miner creates orders, they will be picked up and displayed here. While getting the full rewards data will still require the full 30 minutes to process. Users can now confirm that their orders are being captured in the system and processed for rewards. The order data shown is over the past hour, and the data is updated each minute.

Hovering your mouse over points will display the quantity of the order.

Users can now track their orders' status in real-time, presented as a time series graph with order size (in the amount of base asset) as the vertical axis. Ask orders are shown above zero, while the bid sizes are below zero. Orders are also designated as filled, open, or canceled.

Users can also filter orders by different markets via the dropdown selection.


All payout history and accrued balances are shown in this tab. Rewards paid out in ERC-20 are subject to a $50 minimum payout. Refer to Connect wallet section for more information.

Some campaigns also pay out in native tokens so make sure to add the appropriate wallet in Settings to receive the rewards.

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