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The Miner app is where you setup your liquidity mining which allows you to see real-time rates of your return(rewards) and performance, check market leaders, and track your payouts.

What is Liquidity Mining

Liquidity mining is a community-based, data-driven approach to market making, in which a token issuer or exchange can reward a pool of miners to provide liquidity for a specified token.

  • Open - Anyone can participate
  • Real time - Track your earnings every minute
  • Non-custodial - We can't access your tokens

You earn rewards by running a market making bot that maintains orders on exchange order books. How much reward you earn depends on:

  • The amount of your orders
  • The spread (distance to the mid price) of your orders
  • How long you maintain your orders on the order book

For more information, please read the whitepaper.

How to get started

Prerequisites: Two sets of API Keys are needed, trade-enabled exchange API keys for Hummingbot and read-only API keys for Miner App
  1. To install Hummingbot, see Hummingbot Quickstart Guide
You can use your own trading bots and strategies to participate in liquidity mining. For the general pool of users who don't have their own trading bots, Hummingbot was created to provide them access to quant/algo strategies and the ability to market make.
  1. To register for Miner App, see Liquidity Mining Quickstart Guide: The official Liquidity Mining app where you can see real-time rates of return and track your payouts
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