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Eagle Club

Eagle Club introduction

The Eagle Club is the VIP program we provide for top liquidity miners. The goal of the Club is to enhance the user experience of top performing miners and to provide dedicated support to help them trade more confidently and perform better.

The Eagle Club is invite-only. It’s not only a VIP program that Team Hummingbot will devote energy and time to, but also a close-knit community for experienced crypto traders to share their thoughts and obtain personalized support.

Anyone who gets in will stay in the Club permanently.


The Eagle Club members will be eligible to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to a private priority support Discord channel
  • A chance to get 1,000USD AWS credit
  • An exclusive first look at MinerCalc, a Google Sheet that helps you analyze your liquidity mining performance holistically (trading P&L, rewards, fees)
  • Special "Eagle Club" role in our Discord channel and badge on the real-time Leaderboard
  • Eagle Club request board in Notion
  • Weekly reward: Top 1 miner will receive extra reward in the form of virtual goods
  • Special wish lucky draw: Each member can raise a wish that’s related to Hummingbot or Liquidity Mining, and Team Hummingbot will do an annual lucky draw and realize one of the wishes
  • Offline office hour and private dinner (if in the Bay Area)

How can I become a member?

The Eagle Club is invite-only. We will invite new members who ranks into Top 10 (based on rewards earned) of each past week to the Club. Members who are qualified for the Club will be receiving an invitation email. Anyone who gets in will stay in the Club permanently. In the long term, we plan to invite approximately 10% of our total user base to the Club.

If the top 10 are all members of Eagle Club, then no qualified for invitation. We have to wait for the following week to check again.

When will I get notified if qualified?

We will notify qualified new members of the last period on every Friday (PDT time) via Email.

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