Step 2: Connect Exchanges

In order to accurately allocate rewards, we need to separate individual miner orders from one another. To do this, we require you to enter read-only API keys for each exchange where you wish to earn rewards.

2a. Go to the Settings tab

On the dashboard, click on Settings to enter your exchange information.

Note: figures above are for illustration only and do not represent current campaign terms; navigate to Hummingbot Miners for current campaign details.

2b. Enter read-only API key for each exchange

Click on an exchange to enter the API key information:

Enter your read-only API key for the selected exchanges. Note that the required inputs for each exchange may be different.

Creating API keys

Please see this section in the Hummingbot User Manual for instructions on how to create API keys for each exchange.

We only need read-only access, so you can disable the trade and withdrawal functionality (see example below for Binance)

2c. Confirm successful connection

After you enter your read-only API key, we check that the submitted API key is valid. If it is valid, you will see a confirmation message that your exchange account has successfully been connected.

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