Liquidity Mining Guide

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Hummingbot Miner

Hummingbot Miner is the official Liquidity Mining app where users can get real-time information on liquidity mining campaigns.

Use Hummingbot Miner to sign up for liquidity mining, connect the app to your exchange accounts to enable rewards, and track your liquidity mining activity and earnings. Note that you will still need to run Hummingbot or another market making bot in order to earn liquidity mining rewards.

Mobile support

Currently, Hummingbot Miner is only optimized for desktop/laptop devices. We plan to add mobile/tablet support shortly.

How to start liquidity mining

  1. Sign up: ~1 minute
  2. Connect exchanges: ~5 minutes
  3. Run Hummingbot: ~10 minutes
  4. Track earnings: ~1 minute

Important Disclaimer

Participating users are required to agree to the Liquidity Mining Program Terms and Conditions.