Launch Hummingbot Miner

Restore Previous Version

Restore to a previous version via Docker

A previous version can be installed when creating a Hummingbot instance.

# 1) Run the script to create a hummingbot instance

# 2) Specify the version to be installed when prompted

** ✏️  Creating a new Hummingbot instance **

ℹ️  Press [enter] for default values.

➡️  Enter Hummingbot version: [latest|development] (default = "latest")
  • Windows/Mac/Linux: For example, enter version-0.16.0. The versions are listed here in Hummingbot Tags.
  • Raspberry Pi: For example, enter dev-0.30.0-arm_beta. The versions are listed here in Hummingbot Tags.

Revert to a previous version via Binary

The user can revert and update Hummingbot installed via Binary by following the steps below:

To install a previous Hummingbot version via binary, download the installer from https://hummingbot.io/download/ in the previous client section

Users can also download an older version not listed on the website using the URL format https://dist.hummingbot.io/[hummingbot_version]

For example:

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