Overview of Hummingbot Installation

Minimum System Requirements

Hummingbot has been successfully tested with the following specifications:

Resource Requirement
Operating System Linux: Ubuntu 16.04 or later (recommended)
  • Other Linux installations: Debian GNU/Linux 9, CentOS 7, Amazon Linux 2 AMI
MacOS: macOS 10.12.6 (Sierra) or later
Windows: Windows 10 or later
Memory/RAM 1 GB one instance +250 MB per additional instance
  • Install using Docker: 5 GB per instance
  • Install from source: 3 GB per instance
  • Network A reliable internet connection is critical to keeping Hummingbot connected to exchanges.

    We recommend that users utilize the setup below for the best experience running Hummingbot:

    Cloud server Install on AWS, Google Cloud or another cloud provider for ease of 24/7 operation and network stability.
    Linux (Ubuntu) Hummingbot was designed and optimized for UNIX-based systems such as Linux and MacOS.
    Docker Run Hummingbot through Docker for easier setup, operation, operation of multiple bots, and updating.
    tmux Use tmux for persistent operation to prevent the cloud server from going to sleep.

    Installation Guides

    Recommended setup:

    1. Setting up a Cloud server
    2. Install Docker + Hummingbot on Linux

    Alternative installations with Docker:

    Note for Windows Users

    Native Windows installation and operation is currenty not supported. We recommend that Windows users either:

    1. Install the Docker version in a Linux (Ubuntu) server in the cloud (see Setup a Cloud Server)
    2. Install the Docker version locally using Docker Toolbox (see Install on Windows)

    Installation from Source (for Developers)

    For users who want to access to and intend to edit the codebase, you can install from source: