Launch Hummingbot Miner


This page describes the installation process for Gateway.

Create SSL Certificates

  1. Run the command generate_certs in the Hummingbot client
  2. Enter a passphrase to be used later during installation

NOTE: It is recommended not to use the same password as the Hummingbot instance.

Install Gateway via Docker

  1. Take note of the absolute path where your Hummingbot files are stored. You can run the command pwd from the terminal while inside the folder.
  2. Copy and paste the following commands to your terminal:


curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/CoinAlpha/hummingbot/development/installation/docker-commands/create-gateway.sh -o create-gateway.sh
curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/CoinAlpha/hummingbot/development/installation/docker-commands/update-gateway.sh -o update-gateway.sh
chmod a+x *.sh


wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/CoinAlpha/hummingbot/development/installation/docker-commands/create-gateway.sh
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/CoinAlpha/hummingbot/development/installation/docker-commands/update-gateway.sh
chmod a+x *.sh

It downloads the scripts from GitHub, sets their correct permission and runs the create-gateway script.

  1. Answer each prompt, review the summary and enter Y to proceed with the installation.

NOTE: When creating a Gateway instance for Ethereum protocol connectors such as Balancer and Uniswap, the script picks up the settings from your global config file (conf_global.yml). Make sure to connect them first from the Hummingbot client before installing Gateway.

By default, Gateway will install on port 5000 which Hummingbot will connect to. If the default port is not available, Gateway will find the next port number.

  1. The file gateway.env is created where your Gateway settings are saved.

Configure Port Number (Optional)

In case the port number used by Gateway is not set to the default value of 5000, make sure to set the gateway_api_port in the Hummingbot client to match the same port number.

  1. Run command config gateway_api_port in the Hummingbot client
  2. Enter the port number indicated when Gateway was created

Update Gateway via Docker

To update the docker container, run the update-gateway.sh script and and follow the prompt instructions. The update script allows you to stop and delete the running instance, and update the docker image if it is not the latest. Upon completion, it will automatically execute the create-gateway.sh script to create a new Gateway container instance.

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