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Rate Oracle

This new feature provides real time, most up-to-date exchange rate on any given token or currency from a reliable and trustworthy data source.

You can see how the rate oracle works with a strategy on  cross exhange market making and  arbitrage strategy.


The source where you want to pull data from, it can either be Binance or Coingecko. Please take note that using Coingecko will have a 30-second delay due to their API rate limit.


What source do you want rate oracle to pull data from? (binance, coingecko)


This is a token which you can display other tokens' value in. For example, you can nicely see all your tokens balances in USD (if that your global token choice).


What is your default display token? (e.g. USDT,USD,EUR)


The symbol for the global token.


What is your default display token symbol? (e.g. $, €)

How it works

For the rate oracle conversion to show after the balance, pnl, open_orders, trades, and status command, You have to edit in config_global.yml to change the rate_oracle_source, global_token and global_token_symbol or you can edit it by using the config command.

Refer to the example below:

Change the default setting in conf_global.yml to GBP (Great Britain Pound). The conversion will show up when you run balance command.

The conversion also shows up during the status command for the liquidity_mining strategy. Under the Miner section.

The conversion shows up when using the pnl command.

The conversion also shows up when running the trades command.

The conversion also works with the open_orders command.

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