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Minimum Order Size

How It Works

When setting the order_amount for pure market making or cross-exchange market-making, Hummingbot has set its own minimum order size to help ensure orders are created when running the strategy.


It is important to note that this will not always be exactly the same as the exchange's trading rules. In Hummingbot, the minimum order size is calculated as:


By default, we set the minimum to an equivalent of \$11, which is defined under min_quote_order_amount in the global config file. The market_mid_price is the average of the order book's best bid and best ask.

Based on the calculation and the example above, the min_order_size is 0.0184 ETH.

How To Override

If you wish to set the bot to trade at your desired quote value for better risk management, the min_quote_order_amount section in the conf_global.yml needs to be edited.

  1. Download and open the conf_global.yml file
  2. Scroll down to the min_quote_order_amount section
  3. Enter or edit the values accordingly
  4. Restart if Hummingbot is running

Important Notes

The minimum order size changes from time to time when the market price fluctuates due to market volatility (determined by the order price and volume). If the order_amount falls below the exchange's minimum order size, the orders will not be created.

Using a value near to the exchange's minimum order size (not Hummingbot's) may cause orders not created due to volatility.

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