Simple Trade


Simple trade strategy expands upon Perform Trade strategy. By the end of this part, you should be able to add:

  • time delay between trades
  • set a time restriction to cancel order
  • implement specific loggings

Use clock & c_tick() to add time restrictions

c_tick() : Called everytime a clock 'ticks'

  • Check for readiness and connection status of markets with _all_markets_ready
  • If all markets are ready, call c_process_market() on each market.
  • Set _last_timestamp to current tick's timestamp

NOTE : Can change tick interval by specifying _tick_size on clock. Default = 1.0

Add time delay between trades

Ensure that there is a given amount of time in between the trades.

c_process_market() : Called on each market from c_tick()

  • If there is an order to place, check that current timestamp is greater than previous order's timestamp plus delay time (e.g. current timestamp > previous order's start timestamp + _time_delay)
  • If current time is valid time to place orders, call c_place_orders() to execute the order

NOTE : Can change delay interval by specifying _time_delay. Default = 10.0

Figure 1: Processing a new order

Set time to cancel order

Cancel orders once their elapsed times go over a certain amount.

c_process_market() : Called on each market from c_tick()

  • If there are active orders, check if order needs to be canceled (e.g. current_timestamp >= order's start timestamp + _cancel_order_wait_time)
  • If an order has to be canceled, call c_cancel_order() on corresponding order

NOTE : Can change cancel interval by specifying _cancel_order_wait_time. Default = 60.0

Figure 2: Cancelling an order


When a specific event about the order is triggered, the event handler calls these logging methods to provide helpful information to the users.

  • c_did_fill_order() — Called when OrderFilledListener sees that an order is filled.
  • c_did_complete_buy_order() — Called when BuyOrderCompletedListener sees that a buy order is completed.
  • c_did_complete_sell_order() — Called when SellOrderCompletedListener sees that a sell order is completed.

These functions check to see if the order of interest is market or limit order and outputs appropriate text for each types.

Similar mechanisms can be implemented for the following existing event listeners: * OrderFailedListener * OrderCancelledListener * OrderExpiredListener * BuyOrderCreatedListener * SellOrderCreatedListener