Developer Quickstart – Linux

This guide walks you through how to prepare your development environment and get started developing for Hummingbot.

Below, we list what you'll need before you install and run Hummingbot.

System Requirements

Why this is needed: If you are installing Hummingbot either locally or on a cloud server, here are the recommended minimum system requirements:

  • Ubuntu 16.04 or later

For more information, view minimum system requirements.

Software Requirements

Why this is needed: For Hummingbot development on Linux, you'll need the following installed:

  • build-essential package
  • Anaconda

For more information, view installing Hummingbot.

Cloud Server (Optional)

We recommend that users run trading bots in the cloud, since bots require a stable network connection and can run 24/7.

Follow the guide to set up a cloud server on your preferred cloud platform. Hummingbot is not resource-intensive so the lowest/free tiers should work.


Don't know which cloud platform to use? Read our blog post that compares and contrasts the different providers.

If you just want to test out Hummingbot, you can skip this and install locally.

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