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Task 4 — Additional Functions & Configuration

Additional Utility Functions and Optional Configurations

This section explains the configuration for the required file, functions, and other optional settings to integrate your connector with Hummingbot.

Additional Utility Functions

(Optional) API Request Throttler

(Optional) Add members for Ethereum type connector

USE_ETHEREUM_WALLETboolTrue if connector requires user's Ethereum wallet, which the user can set it up using connect command.
FEE_TYPEstrSet this to FlatFee if the trading fee is fixed flat fee per transaction, the DEFAULT_FEES will then be in the flat fee unit.
FEE_TOKENstrToken name in FlatFee fee type, i.e. ETH.

(Optional) Add other API domains

This is only relevant if:

  • Exchange supports different domains by changing API URLs domains, i.e. binance.com & binance.us or probit.com & probit.kr
  • Exchange supports a testnet environment.
OTHER_DOMAINSList[str]A list of other domain connector names, will appear to users as new connectors they can choose.
OTHER_DOMAINS_PARAMETERDict[str, str]A dictionary of additional domain parameter for each OTHER_DOMAIN, this parameter (string) is passed in during connector, and order book tracker __init__.
OTHER_DOMAINS_EXAMPLE_PAIRDict[str, str]An example of a supported trading pair for each domain.
OTHER_DOMAINS_DEFAULT_FEESDict[str, List[Decimal]]A dictionary of default trading fees [maker fee and taker fee] for each domain.
OTHER_DOMAINS_KEYSDict[str, Dict[str, ConfigVar]]A dictionary of required keys for each domain.

!!! Important If domain settings are used, ensure your connector uses the domain parameter to update base API URLs and set the exchange name correctly. Refer to Binance connector on how to achieve this.

Additional Configurations

  • In setup.py, include the new connector package into the packages list as shown:
packages = [
  • In hummingbot/templates/conf_global_TEMPLATE.yml, add entries with null value for each key in your utils KEYS. You will also need to increment template_version by one. For example:
template_version: [+1]

[new_connector]_api_key: null
[new_connector]_secret_key: null
  • In hummingbot/templates/conf_fee_overrides_TEMPLATE.yml, add maker and taker fee entries (use fee_amount when your FEE_TYPE is FlatFee). You will also need to increment template_version by one. For example:
template_version: [+1]

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