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All Hummingbot connectors

This section contains information about official connectors for individual exchanges and protocols, including:

  • General information
  • Setup and configuration
  • Minimum order sizes, fees, etc.

What are Connectors?

Connectors are packages of code that link Hummingbot's internal trading algorithms with live information from different cryptocurrency exchanges. They interact with a given exchange's API, such as by gathering order book data and sending and cancelling trades. See below for the list of exchanges which Hummingbot currently has connectors to.

Hummingbot-Supported Connectors

Community-Contributed Exchange Connectors

ExchangeGithub ContactSupport ContactLast Version TestedLast UpdatedStatusKnown Issues
Bamboo RelayArctekOnline Chat0.
  • Last Version Tested - Last reported Hummingbot version that the exchange connector maintainer has confirmed has been tested and is operational.
  • Last Updated - Last Hummingbot release which included an update to the exchange connector code.

Exchange Connector Specific Support

Please contact the support contact listed in the above table for support questions that are specific for that exchange.

Reporting an Issue with a Community-Contributed Connector

  1. Create a Github issue and tag the Github contact to inform them of the issue.
  2. Report the issue to the exchange connector support contact.
  3. Send a message through Discord in #community-connectors channel.
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