IDEX Connector

About IDEX

IDEX is an Ethereum based decentralized smart contract exchange that allows for real-time trading. By combining aspects of centralized exchanges, it is able to enable real-time trading while maintaining blockchain settlement security protocols.

Using the Connector

Because IDEX is a decentralized exchange, you will need an independent cryptocurrency wallet and an ethereum node in order to use Hummingbot. See below for information on how to create these:


IDEX requires an API key authentication to access API endpoints required for Hummingbot use.

Miscellaneous Info

Asset Availability for US Markets

IDEX has limit access to certain assets for customers in the US region (see Updated Asset Availability for US Markets).

Minimum Order Sizes

For IDEX, maker orders must be at least the equivalent of 0.15 ETH and taker orders must be at least 0.05 ETH. In general, this means that maker orders must be at minimum $40 and taker orders should be greater than $13.

Transaction Fees

IDEX charges a 0.1% transaction fee for market makers and a 0.2% fee for market takers. In addition, market takers must pay for the gas fees of transactions, which can vary based on network traffic. For more information, check out IDEX's FAQs.