Contribution Guide

How can I contribute to Hummingbot?

The scope of contributions is boundaryless. However, the goal is the same, that is to let more users access and use Hummingbot more easily, so the project needs to be public. Below, we share a list of contributions users can make according to your technical expertise.

Technical contributions

  • Create and maintain new community-contributed connectors that link to new exchanges
  • Create new core connectors based on the core team’s need
  • Create third-party tools that supplement or expand Hummingbot’s functionality
  • Help fix bugs
  • Create new useful Hummingbot features

Non-technical contributions

  • Translate Hummingbot docs into different languages, and make pull requests to an individual github repo (contact us to get the repo link for your specific language)
  • Design a cute Hummingbot mascot
  • Help organize virtual or local meetups
  • Talk about Hummingbot in blogs or vlogs
  • Contribute useful content to the Hummingbot blog
  • Help maintain official Hummingbot Discord channel, or moderate official Hummingbot subreddit
  • Create and maintain an unofficial chat group or forum

Useful resources

How to list my contribution to this page?

We would love to recognize and show our appreciation to every community contribution, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have made any.

  • Send your email to:
  • Briefly describe your contribution
  • Attach relevant information and links

Once we update the docs, we’ll notify you via email.