Community Contributions

Core connectors

Core connectors are certified, maintained and supported by the Hummingbot core team.

We work with an extended team of developers all over the world to build these connectors. We would love to express our gratitude to below developers who have spent time and efforts to expand and improve Hummingbot!

Exchange Contributor Version first release Status
KuCoin vic-en 0.23.0 Active
Liquid zeitgeistf 0.20.0 Active
Bitfinex nionis 0.32.0 PR #1482
Kyber Network rokso N/A PR #1224
HitBTC fengkie N/A PR #1368

Community connectors

Community connectors are certified by the core Hummingbot team when we add them to the codebase, but they are maintained and supported by external developers.

Currently, Hummingbot has two community-contributed connectors. We welcome other exchanges to connect their exchanges to Hummingbot in the future. For more information, please refer to this page.

Exchange Contributor Version first released Status
Bamboo Relay Arctek 0.7.0 Active
Dolomite zrubenst 0.18.0 Active

Fixes and enhancements

Some community members work on fixing bugs or creating new features. These efforts significantly improve our user experience and help the Hummingbot core team move faster.

Issue Contributor Description Pull request
#517 fengkie Allow for fewer than total quantity of multiple orders per side PR #1613
#1596 fengkie Support external databases PR #1597
#1713 petrioptrv New PMM parameter: Price Band PR #1736

Other contributions

In addition to the contributions above, other community members have created unofficial Hummingbot resources that help the overall community.


While we welcome contributions from our community, they are unofficial Hummingbot resources that we generally do not test and support. Please use them with caution.

Item Contributor Description
Hummingbot performance calculator Dominator008 This simple performance calculator prints differences in the base and quote currencies, and calculates profitability in terms of the quote currency based on the final price of the base currency.
Hummingbot Chinese wiki on github syuukawa One of our very first projects that derived from the community is our Chinese Wiki on github
Hummingbot Chinese website syuukawa Information about Hummingbot for Mandarin Chinese speakers.