Client Interface Commands

Client Commands

Command Function
bounty Participate in Hummingbot's liquidity bounty program or get bounty status.
config Configures or, if a bot is already running, re-configures the bot.
exit Cancels all orders, saves the log, and exits Hummingbot.
exit -f Force quit without cancelling orders.
export_private_key Print your Ethereum wallet private key.
export_trades Export your trades to a csv file.
get_balance Get the balance of an exchange or wallet, or get the balance of a specific currency in an exchange or wallet.

Example usage: get_balance [-c WETH -w|-c ETH -e binance] to show available WETH balance in the Ethereum wallet and ETH balance in Binance, respectively.
help Prints a list of available commands. Adding a command after help will display available positional and optional arguments.

*Example: help bounty will show how to use the bounty command.
history Print bot's past trades and performance analytics. For an explanation of how Hummingbot calculates profitability, see our blog here.
list List wallets, exchanges, configs, encrypted configs and completed trades.

Example usage: list [wallets|exchanges|configs|encrypted|trades]
paper_trade Enable or disable paper trade mode.
start Starts the bot. If any configuration settings are missing, it will automatically prompt you for them.
status Get a status report about the current bot status.
stop Cancels all outstanding orders and stops the bot.
Command Description
bounty --register Register to participate in for liquidity bounties
bounty --list See a list of active bounties.
bounty --restore-id If you lost your configuration file, this is the command to restore it.
bounty --status See your accumulated rewards.
bounty --terms See the terms & conditions.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard Combo Command Description
Double CTRL + C Exit Press CTRL + C twice to exit the bot.
CTRL + S Status Show bot status.
CTRL + F Search Toggles search in log pane (see below for usage)
CTRL + A Select All Select all text in input pane [used for text edit in Input pane only].
CTRL + Z Undo Undo action in input pane [used for text edit in Input pane only].
Single CTRL + C Copy Copy text [used for text edit in Input pane only].
CTRL + V Paste Paste text [used for text edit in Input pane only].

Tip: How to use the Search feature

  1. Press CTRL + F to trigger display the search field
  2. Enter your search keyword (not case sensitive)
  3. Hit Enter to jump to the next matching keyword (incremental search)
  4. When you are done. Press CTRL + F again to go back to reset.