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Welcome πŸ‘‹ to the official documentation for Hummingbot, open source software that helps you build and run crypto trading bots!

🐀 Getting started

New to Hummingbot? Start here!

πŸ“š Reference

Learn about the different components in Hummingbot:

πŸ“ Release Notes

Hummingbot publishes a new release to its master branch approximately every 4 weeks.

See Release Notes for information about the latest release, as well as historical releases.

πŸ“¬ Newsletter

To get notified when Hummingbot ships a new release, sign up for the Hummingbot newsletter, which is published when each release drops.

In addition to release notes, the newsletter contains information about upcoming events, new educational content, contributions from the global Hummingbot community!

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πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Developers

Hummingbot is a general source framework for crypto algorithmic trading. We welcome developers to fork the codebase for their own purposes and contribute to the community.

  • Contribution Guidelines: How to submit contributions to the Hummingbot codebase
  • Developers: Explanation of Hummingbot's architecture and detailed reference on how to build connectors and strategies

πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ Getting help

Check out the Troubleshooting FAQ to see if your question has already been answered.

Official channels

Only the channels listed below are officially maintained and staffed by the Hummingbot core team. Currently, we do not moderate any other communities on Telegram, Slack, or other platforms. Please beware of potential scams or frauds on any unofficial communities.


The Hummingbot Discord server is the primary gathering spot for announcements, user support, trading strategies, connectors, and other discussion about Hummingbot.

No DMs

Hummingbot core team members will never initiate direct messages to users. If a random user imitating the core team or any of the community members sends you a DM don't hesitate to report it in our official Discord channel.

WeChat (δΈ­ζ–‡)

Hummingbot maintains a WeChat group for Mandarin-speaking users.

Since WeChat is invite-only, users need to add the group admin amtf202004 to their WeChat. The admin will invite them to the WeChat group.

Mandarin speakers can also visit the δΈ­ζ–‡ channel in our Discord server for assistance.


The Hummingbot YouTube channel features videos that teach you how to use Hummingbot, how market making and other trading strategies work, and interviews with members of the Hummingbot community.


The Hummingbot GitHub repository is a monorepo that contains the codebase for Hummingbot, Hummingbot Gateway, and this documentation.

δΈ­ζ–‡ wiki is our GitHub page translated into Mandarin Chinese which contains general information about Hummingbot.

For bugs not yet listed in GitHub, please submit a Bug Report. Please follow the template and include detailed descriptions of the bug, steps to reproduction, supporting artifacts such as screenshots, logs, configuration settings, and suggested fixes, if any.

We pledge that we will not use your information for trading purposes or share your personal information with third parties.


For support requests via email, you can send us a message at

Last update: 2021-11-01
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