Hummingbot Documentation

Welcome to the official documentation site for Hummingbot!

Warning: Beta Software

Hummingbot is experimental, open source software that is still in beta, and you use it at your own risk. Please review the Apache 2.0 license.

What is Hummingbot?

Hummingbot is open source software that helps you build and run high-frequency market making bots on any crypto exchange.

Our business model is to administer Liquidity Mining programs, which allow token issuers and exchange source liquidity from anyone running Hummingbot. Hummingbot users who choose to participate in Liquidity Mining can earn token rewards for providing liquidity to certain trading pairs.

Getting started

  • FAQ: Learn about Hummingbot and market making as an algo trading strategy
  • Quickstart: Install Hummingbot and run your first market making bot
  • Support: Get help from our 24/7 live support team

For experienced users

For developers

Hummingbot is a general open source framework for crypto algorithmic trading. See the Developer Manual to learn how to build custom algo trading strategies with Hummingbot

More resources

  • Command Reference: Quick reference for common commands and keyboard shortcuts
  • Github: Hummingbot codebase
  • Youtube: Official Hummingbot Youtube Channel
  • 中文 wiki: General information about Hummingbot, translated into Mandarin Chinese